Killing Eve is the hit BBC America spy thriller headlined by Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer. The series follows a cat-and-mouse game as MI6 agent "Eve" (Oh) tracks and grows obsessed with Russian assassin "Villanelle" (Comer)—who returns her interest. Accompanied by dark laughs, Killing Eve has received acclaim for its acting, style, and writing across three seasons.

Let's take a look at how each season was previewed by the BBC.

Killing Eve: Trailer for season 1

For seasoned Killing Eve fans, the season 1 trailer is a throwback to the developing "Eve" and "Villanelle" relationship that we now know well. Oh, and, perfectly, it's set to "Issues" by Julia Michaels. For newcomers, the snippet teases at the obsession, violence, and black comedy to expect from the show.

Onto season 2, and the BBC's trailer features more "Villanelle," "Carolyn," and a possibly deadly connection between "Eve" and the Russian assassin.

Finally, season 3, and "Villanelle" is teasing breakups and new professional aspirations. Season 3 aired on BBC America in 2020.

Killing Eve season 4 trailer?

Killing Eve has yet to begin production after season 4 was delayed amid the COVID-19 pandemic. But with a usual April premiere date, the spy thriller still has time to potentially make its 2021 premiere. We're awaiting the trailer and updates in the meantime! Click here to meet the cast of Killing Eve.

Killing Eve cast (2020).
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