The wait is over! The Kardashian-Jenner sisters are back! 

Season 18 Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Premiere

The premiere episode was choc-full of answers we have been waiting for. Yes, Kourtney is continuing to film! Last season we were left on the edge of our seat when Khloé and Kim offered Kourtney the option to no longer be a part of the show. She has been open since season 15 about how much she hates filming, but I guess she hates the idea of not being on the show more, because she's back! Attitude and all, Kourtney is back. 

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We get to see what the relationship between Tristan Thompson and the Kardashian family is like now. Good news, it seems a lot better! Of course there is still tension since the 2nd (or 3rd?) cheating scandal came out and ultimately lead to new parents Tristan and Khloé splitting up. We see some of this tension and discomfort play out but co-parenting seems to be going well and Kim and Tristan even had dinner together! 

Did Tristan Thompson cheat on Khloé Kardashian?

Although, Kim and Tristan's friendship makes Khloé uncomfortable which leads to an awkward yet productive conversation with Kim.

Kylie Jenner And Momager Kris Jenner Faced With Big Problem

The whole episode Kylie was extremely excited and preparing for a big fashion opportunity for Kylie Cosmetics but unfortunately was hit by a scary case of strep throat and had to put the huge opportunity at risk. It was this that led to the...big fight!


The whole episode was filled with tension between the Kardashian sisters due to Kourtney's unchanged attitude towards working for the show. "It's affecting my mood that she's so miserable that we're here doing my job, which she agreed to" Khloé said in a confessional. Kim and Khloé's frustration with Kourtney plus Kourtney's argumentative demeanor and feeling of being unappreciated were clearly a dangerous mix. 

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Kourtney V Kim, The KUWTK Big Fight!

When discussing Kylie's dilemma around working and being ill, classic unknowingly antagonistic Kim said "Mom is so used to me and Kourtney uh, Khloé going on our death beds" intentionally omitting Kourtney from the 3 implied hard working sisters. This set Kourtney OFF. 

"You act like I don't do sh--!... I will literally f**k you up if you mention it again. Literally shut the f**k up!" Kourtney said in the blow-up and threw a small package at Kim and started to put her hands on her forcing Kim to roll over to defend herself. 

Kim Kardashian y Kourtney Kardashian

"Don't ever come at me like that, I swear to god I will punch you in the face!" Kim yelled while squaring up towards her older sister. Khloé did her best to pull the two apart but nothing could keep them from going at each other for long. The two were flinging hands left and right until Kim landed 3 or 4 loud slaps to Kourtney's face. This is where the episode left us hanging. It was a wild ride!

Do not miss this season! Watch what led up to the fight here: