Thankfully he's behind bars

'Law & Order: SVU': A Recap Of "Rob Miller's" Storyline

'Law & Order: SVU': A Recap Of "Rob Miller's" Storyline

"Rob Miller" terrorized fans of Law & Order: SVU across several episodes in season 20. The powerful lawyer with impeccable style unfortunately turned out to be a sex offender and murderer who put up a struggle after the unit caught on to his crimes. Revisit how it all went down with "Rob," who even went so far as to stalk "Benson" and her son.

Law & Order: SVU fans were introduced to the refined lawyer "Rob Miller" (Titus Welliver) in the season 20 episode "Blackout." First impressions quickly went downhill, however, as "Benson" (Mariska Hargitay) grew to suspect that he perpetrated the rape of "Nikki Staines," which was at the centre of the episode.

"Benson" went for drinks with "Miller" as part of the investigation, but felt he all but confessed when he aggressively pursued her and admitted to a supposedly consensual sexual encounter with "Staines." 

Law & Order: SVU - The "Rob Miller" episodes

But any case against "Rob Miller" was complicated because he was paying off judges and had many powerful connections. His threats mounted against "Benson," "Rollins," and even "Staines," establishing "Miller" as a despised SVU villain in 2019.

Never one to back down, "Benson" gets "Miller" arrested, only to find out soon after that he's inexplicably been released. He then begins to taunt "Benson," even tracking her down and introducing himself to her son, "Noah," in a restaurant.

Law & Order: SVU season 20 brought an end to "Rob Miller"

In season 20's penultimate episode, the body of a teenage girl was dumped in a river. "Benson" was certain that "Miller" was behind the terrible crime, leading to a suspenseful showdown in the season 20 finale, "End Game." The unit determines that the girl was the daughter of one of "Miller's" clients, who compromised him after observing him at a sex party.

"Miller" once again hoped to use his power to suppress "Benson" and the unit, but they were able to convict him of the murder, bringing an end to his run of terror on SVU. Actor Titus Welliver delivered the menacing performance as "Rob Miller" — but fans have been pleased to have him behind bars as we've moved into season 21 and the upcoming 22nd season.