Law & Order has reunited its iconic duo of Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni once more for another special crossover episode! In the latest trailer for the crossover between Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Law & Order: Organized Crime, Hargitay's "Olivia Benson" and Meloni's "Elliot Stabler" team up again— and what happens between them amazes their fans! 

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"Benson" and "Stabler" hold hands in new Law & Order trailer

Law & Order's detectives "Benson" and "Stabler" are not only favourites of the series' diehard fans, but of the show's general audience. In a new teaser trailer for the crossover, the two share a moment together that has piqued interest. "Whatever happens, we're gonna take it one step at a time," "Benson" says to "Stabler" as the two are seen holding hands while in a car.

Although there has not been a romantic relationship between these two characters, this scene of physical intimacy seems to suggest that the story may take another turn. After all, "Stabler" gave "Benson" a letter, wherein he confessed the complicated feelings he has towards her.

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Back in April, "Benson" and "Stabler" reunited on-screen for the first time in several years during the first crossover between the two Law & Order spinoffs. In the past, Meloni has called the two characters "inextricably linked," so it's not surprising to see them working together again. It looks like fans will have to tune in on December 9 to see if there will finally be a romance between them!