Little House on the Prairie aired its series finale in 1983, before a few more TV movies followed in the year after. But by the mid-1980s, stories of the "Ingalls" and Walnut Grove officially ended.

Fans have hoped for a comeback ever since, but they've only recently been given a glimmer of hope. A Little House documentary is happening and there are even rumours of a reboot series. Here are actress Alison Arngrim's comments on the news.

Little House on the Prairie: "Nellie Oleson" actress wants to return

Should the series make a comeback, Arngrim—who played the spoiled "Nellie Oleson"—is more than willing to make a cameo. Speaking to EW, the now 58-year-old actress said: "I'm just the right age to play 'Mrs. Oleson.'"

"Mrs. Oleson" was the mother of Arngrim's character and was played by Katherine MacGregor, who passed on in 2018. "I'm totally there. I have no shame," Arngrim added of her willingness to join a future Little House project, even if it was in a different role.

It also turns out a new revival could be on the way soon. EW's report adds that producer Trip Friendly is currently working on a reboot, but the form it will take is not yet known.

Alison Arngrim

Little House on the Prairie actress Alison Arngrim today

Even today, the actress who played "Nellie Oleson" is very attached to her former series. On her Facebook page, she now reads from the Little House books. Before the pandemic, she was also touring the U.S. with her comedic memoir Confessions of a Prairie Bitch, entertaining audiences with stories from her life as a child star.

Arngrim is happily married to the musician Robert Paul Schoonover and they live in Los Angeles. For more, see where the Little House cast is today here.