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'Little House on the Prairie': What Is Little “Grace” Doing Today?

"Our little farm"

Little "Grace" from Little House on the Prairie was portrayed by the twins Wendi Lou Lee and Brenda Turnbaugh. We'll tell you what the two actresses are doing today...

Wendi Lou Lee (43) and Brenda Turnbaugh (43) played baby "Grace", the youngest daughter of the "Ingalls" family in Little House on the Prairie. In total, the two were seen from 1978 to 1982 in a total of 62 episodes. So Wendi and Brenda had their big breakthrough before they even started kindergarten.

In an interview with Fox News, Wendi revealed how she and her sister got the role: "We were 6 months old when my grandmother was having lunch with the casting director on "Little House." It came up in conversation that they were looking for a baby Grace, but they couldn’t find blonde-haired blue-eyed twin girls that were about six months old. A lightbulb went on for my grandmother. She immediately said, "My granddaughters would be perfect!" She sent a picture in. The executive producer thought it was great. My mom took us in. Michael [Landon] took one look at us and said, "Those are our girls." And that was it. We didn’t do anything except be ourselves." 

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Little House on the Prairie: This is what the “Grace” actresses do today

After the series, Wendi and Brenda could be seen in a commercial, and then "my mom realized that no place in Hollywood was like "Little House." They basically didn’t care if we were hungry or tired. They just wanted the work. So we left show business and started kindergarten. And that was it. We grew up as normal as you can be," she revealed to Fox News.

Brenda Turnbaugh is now a history teacher and married. She and her husband have two children. Wendi Lou Lee is also married and has two children. She is also an author and published the book A Prairie Devotional: Inspired by the Beloved TV Series in 2019.

Little House on the Prairie: Hard blow of fate for Wendi Lou Lee 

In addition, Wendi had to survive a scary health situation. In 2015, a brain tumor was discovered in the former Little House star. This was successfully removed thanks to an operation.

Today Wendi is fine again. "I’m doing good. I do still struggle with some headaches, but overall I’m doing great. I have a scan every August where they check out my surgery site and make sure everything looks good. But otherwise, I’m doing great," she said. 

In the interview, Wendi also revealed that she and her twin sister no longer want to return to show business. However, along with other Little House on the Prairie cast members, they go to events every year where they meet fans of the series and chat with them.

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