If you're done with Bridgerton... Netflix just dropped a new series that's captivating viewers around the world: Lupin.

Lupin arrived on Jan. 8 with the first 5 of 10 episodes, and it's skyrocketed to no. 1 on Netflix in most European countries. Now, North American viewers are tuning into Lupin too. Here's what you need to know about the show.

Lupin: Netflix's new original crime series for 2021

Lupin is a French Netflix series that's been described as an action, crime, and science fiction drama all at once. It stars the talented Omar Sy as "Assane Diop," a Frenchman seeking to avenge his late father, who killed himself after being framed of a crime 25 years earlier.

Lupin cast: Omar Sy as "Assane Diop" in season 1.

And the story has a unique angle, referenced in the title: the charming "Assane" guides his actions on those of the gentleman thief "Arsène Lupin," a famous character of French literature and many film and TV adaptations. "Assane" had received an "Arsène Lupin" book as a birthday gift from his father, and Lupin takes on the familiar character's legacy from a contemporary perspective on social topics that include race and immigration.

Watch Lupin trailer: Cast, director, release date, season 2?

The trailer, seen below, previews the action as "Assane" investigates the "Pelligrini" family who wronged his father. Though dubbed in the trailer, Lupin can be viewed with original French dialogue and subtitles on Netflix.

Lupin was created by Georges Kay (who has writing credits on Killing Eve and Criminal) and François Uzan, and Now You See Me director Louis Letterier is behind the camera on three of the five episodes. The cast also features Ludivine Sagnier and Vincent Loundez in main roles, as well as Antoine Gouy, Sufiane Guerrab, Clotilde Hesme, Hervé Pierre, and Etan Simon.

Lupin cast: Ludivine Sagnier as "Claire" in season 1.

Leading man Omar Sy is known to viewers from The IntouchablesJurassic World, and X-Men: Days of Future PastLupin will be released as a two-part series, with another set of five episodes coming at an unknown future date—which we're eagerly waiting for.

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