The creators of Lupin scored a streaming hit in 2021. They upped the tension again in Episode 5 and in the end left the audience begging for more.  

Now, there will be a sequel and, according to Netflix, fans won't have to wait all that long, either. The streamer announced that part two of season 1 will arrive on Netflix as early as this summer. For now, an exact premiere date has not been given.

Lupin episodes: Part two of season 1 coming in 2021

The follow-up to part one of Lupin season 1 was confirmed by series director Louis Leterrier in mid-January on a podcast with the French website AlloCiné. Lead actor Omar Sy also shared the new on Thursday, with an Instagram post confirming "été 2021" (summer 2021) as the timeline for the arrival of part two. 

After the last episode came to an abrupt end, fans are now eagerly awaiting a sequel. Warning: Spoilers follow!

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Lupin: What's next after episode five? 

Episode 5 ended with "Raoul" (Etan Simon) kidnapped by a "Pellegrini" henchman and "Assane' (Omar Sy) himself being exposed as "Lupin" by a police officer. Where will it go from there? In an interview with Vanity Fair, one of the writers of the hit series revealed what happens to the crook in part two.

Lupin Expected To Have 70M Netflix Viewers Following Its Debut

After viewers gain insight into the childhood of "Assane" in part one, more of his adult backstory should be covered in part two. "Right now we don’t know what happened to him in the gap between him being, like, 15 and being 40. So we're kind of retrospectively educating with this huge backstory," said Lupin co-creator Georges Kay. 

In addition, the sequel would be more about "Assane's" family relationships. His ex-girlfriend "Claire" (Ludivine Sagnier) and his son are "fundamental to the whole being of 'Assane'," the Lupin writer added. "Assane" will likely be on the move to save his son — but how he'll do that while currently arrested remains a mystery. 

The first five episodes of Lupin were a huge hit in many countries, and the series is on its way to becoming one of Netflix's biggest successes yet. For the first four weeks after the launch date, audience numbers of 70 million were predicted.

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