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'Maid' True Story: SHE Is The Real "Alex"

Maid True Story: SHE Is The Real "Alex"

A true story is behind the Netflix hit Maid. The young mother "Alex" is the focus of the new drama series with actress Margaret Qualley. She struggles through the tough life of a single mom, and the story is based on real life.

The new drama series Maid, which premiered on Netflix in October 2021, has become a Top-10 streaming hit in many countries. The story of the young "Alex" has won over audiences.

The often bitter reality she faces is presented in an honest and matter-of-fact way. The story of Maid is so moving for a reason, because it is based almost entirely on the life of the real "Alex" — 43-year-old Stephanie Land.

Netflix's Maid: The true, real-life story of "Alex"

Maid is based on the true story of Land's memoir Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay and a Mother's Will to Survive, which made it onto international bestseller lists in 2019.

In the book, Land describes everything in great detail: her plans for a degree, the unexpected pregnancy, and how she overcomes her many challenges.

To support her daughter's life and her own, Land worked as a housekeeper for upper-middle-class families. While she was cleaning in luxury homes, where she was often treated poorly, she learned intimate details from the lives of her wealthy employers.

Land felt the stark difference between two completely different lifestyles in the United States for several years. The talented Maid actress Margaret Qualley portrays in the Netflix series the ups and downs in the life of "Alex," based on Stephanie Land.

Only some details were changed by the producers of the Netflix series. Issues such as addiction and mental illness are also brought more into focus in the drama.

After all, there is a happy ending for the real "Alex." Since 2019, Land has been living happily with her husband Tim Faust and their four children. She regularly posts photos of herself and her family on her Instagram page.