NCIS star Mark Harmon (67) has a new job. The sixty-seven-year-old is producing a new crime series based on John Sandford's Prey novels, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Mark Harmon has a lot of experience producing crime series, the Gibbs actor has been co-producing NCIS since 2003.  

This is Mark Harmon's new series

There are a staggering twenty-nine novels in the Prey series, which Mark Harmon will be helping to turn into what looks to be a promising new TV series. The series will be set in Minneapolis, Minnesota and will follow the lives of homicide division Detective Lucas Davenport and his best friend Elle Krueger, who is a psychology professor, profiler and, of all things, nun! Together they put some very brutal murderers behind bars.

Even though many fans are delighted that Mark Harmon is working on a new series, others are once again worried that Mark Harmon might be leaving NCIS. The rumours that Harmon will be leaving the show to focus on his other projects just won't seem to go away. 

At the moment he produces NCIS, it's spin-off NCIS: New Orleans and now he will also be producing Prey. Mark Harmon has so far denied that he will be leaving NCIS