• Married At First Sight follows 5 couples in the three months after their wedding
  • They have all chosen to get married to someone they have never met until their wedding day
  • Season 14 is giving so much drama, viewers aren't sure any couple will make it

Married At First Sight isn't going well for the five couples that have chosen to get married to a complete stranger! Decision day is looming around the corner and it seems that no couple will say yes!

The most drama of any season yet

Fans are getting eager to see which couple is going to say "yes" to staying married on decision day, but truth be told, most viewers aren't sure any of them will!

The drama in season 14 is unlike any of the series before it, and we saw Chris and Alyssa call it quits long, and we mean long, before decision day!

And of course, the drama between wives Katina and Lindsey was something we weren't prepared for! 

Speaking of Katina, the drama surrounding her on a dating app after she already got married is too much! 

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As it stands, most viewers have taken to Twitter to give their predictions, and most are in agreement that season 14 flopped in its matches. 

Lindsey and Mark sparked a huge fight on their honeymoon, and nothing has felt quite right since! Most fans are speculating that the only couple that will survive is Noi and Steve, but we're just a few short weeks away from finding out for sure!

Married At First Sight airs every Wednesday on Lifetime.