Will Michael Keaton Reprise His Role As "Batman"?

The Wrap has just reported that Michael Keaton is in talks with Warner Bros. about reprising his role as "Bruce Wayne" a.k.a. "Batman" for the new movie The Flash alongside Ezra Miller! 30 years later and if all goes well we could get Tim Burton's Batman back! 

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The Flash will be introducing the concept of the "multiverse" of the DC Comics where multiple universes intersect and many different versions of the same character exist at the same time. The upcoming Matt Reeves The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as "Bruce Wayne" is said to be unaffected.

This big possibility comes a few months after rumors that The Flash could be dead in the water. A damning video of The Flash star Ezra Miller choking a female fan in Iceland went viral 2 months ago and put the film production at risk. Shortly before this incident co-directors of The Flash John Francis-Daley and Jonathan Goldstein had pulled out of the project stating "creative differences." 

After the incident the Bones star and director John Francis Daley tweeted the same quote, suggesting Ezra Miller's behavior is why he removed himself from the big project. 

Michael Keaton has the star power to revive the film and distract from the viral video if his name is added to the cast. He first played "Batman" in Tim Burton's wildly successful 1989 version and in the sequel Batman Returns. The Flash would open the universe protected by Michael Keaton's "Batman" after Ezra Miller's Barry Allen goes back in time to attempt to save his mother. Will Keaton don the mask again? 

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