Mission: Impossible, back in 1996, outgrossed Tom Cruise's other famous film from that year, Jerry Maguire. The franchise features some well-known actors and directors. Also, the critical acclaim of the franchise has increased with each installment. A number of great composers have also lent their talents to the film series including Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and Michael Giacchino.

Did you know that a Tom Cruise injury led to the infamous erased mustache in Justice League? Cruise broke his ankle during a stunt in Fallout and production had to be shut down for eight weeks while he healed. This cost the studio $80 million because everyone working on the film still needed to be paid as they waited. During the hiatus, Henry Cavill was not allowed to shave his mustache and production changes with Justice League caused its reshoots to occur during the shutdown of Fallout. While many possible solutions were suggested, Justice League ended up being forced to use special effects to erase Cavill's mustache but not well enough for some superhero fans. To learn more about the Mission: Impossible franchise, watch the video above.

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