America's Got Talent viewers got a special treat on Wednesday's episode... A Modern Family reunion! Ed O'Neill surprised his former on-screen wife Sofia Vergara during an audience Q&A. Sofia was over the moon with excitement and we even learned a little behind the scenes info about "Gloria Pritchett"!

America's Got Talent and Modern Family Crossover!

On Wednesday's episode of America's Got Talent during a fun Q&A with viewers via video chat, Sofia Vergara got a special surprise set up by her AGT castmates. A fan calling in called "Ed from Hawaii" turned out to be Sofia's former on-screen husband Ed O'Neill! She immediately gasped and yelled with excitement saying "My husband! Where are you? I miss you so much!"

Modern Family's Sofia Vergara proudly told her co-star "Ed! Ed! I haven't fall[en] here!" which prompted Howie to ask "Do you fall down a lot?" Ed answered with "Oh my God, you guys have never seen her fall? It's like a puppet and somebody cuts the strings. Straight down!"  Sofia confirmed, "I don't go forward or sideways, I just fall straight down."

Sweet Ed voiced his love for the show and said "I hope Simon is OK." Hilarious Howie Mandel said, "Well, unlike with Sofia, when he falls it's a bigger deal!" Simon Cowell has been recovering at home after a scary bike accident where he broke his back and required 6-hour surgery. He is in good spirits and hopes to be back on the show soon.

The wonderfully adorable reunion between the Modern Family cast members came during the quarterfinals results show. It has been a wild ride so far with the stakes only getting higher! Watch the sweet reunion on America's Got Talent here!

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