TV fans were saddened this week by news that actor Morgan Stevens died. He passed away at age 70 and was found in his home on Jan. 26.

But who was it that Stevens actually played on The Waltons? Which "Walton" daughter did he marry? And why might you not remember him on the show?

Morgan Stevens has died: Who was he on The Waltons?

On The Waltons, Morgan Stevens actually played two roles. In season 8, he played "Sam Stadder," who shares a hospital room with "John-Boy" when he's in a coma.

But his better-known role is "Paul Northridge." This character debuted in one of the very last episodes of The Waltons.

In season 9, a lumber company comes to town, and "Paul" is the son of the business owner. In the episode, "Erin Walton" (Mary Elizabeth McDonough) falls in love with "Paul."

But the series ended a few episodes later. The finale aired in June 1981. It wasn't until the reunion movies that "Paul" had a bigger role on The Waltons.

The Waltons: Morgan Stevens as "Paul" with "Grandma" and "Erin."

In 1982, the first sequel movie A Wedding on Waltons Mountain actually focused on the marriage of "Paul" and "Erin."

Stevens returned for the film and for two more that same year. The actor later became known for other roles on Fame and Melrose Place.

Sadly, the retro TV star has now passed on. Stevens was found dead in his home after a wellness check on Jan. 26, 2022.

Per TMZ, it's believed he died of natural causes. He was 70.

Waltons fans won't soon forget him. Rest in peace, Morgan.