Since everyone was stuck inside for a significant amount of time this year, people were looking for a sense of thrill and excitement. This is where Joe Exotic and the series Tiger King came in to play! Released in March 2020, the documentary follows the strange turned dark rivalry between big cat owners. The series was an instant fan favorite, thanks to characters like Joe Exotic and surreal moments in each episode. 

With the constant quarantines in 2020, dating and finding love may have been a tough task for many. Fortunately, shows like Love Is Blind have helped us fill that void. Also, since traveling was limited this year, fans gravitated towards the new series called Emily in Paris. Lily Collins plays the role of American marketing executive "Emily Cooper". The series follows Emily as she jets across the world to work in Paris. It ended up being one of the most-watched comedies of the year on Netflix, according to People. Watch the video above to find out more!

Most Popular Streaming Series Of 2020

Most Popular Streaming Series Of 2020
'Emily In Paris' Quiz


Why does "Sylvie" tell "Emily" to delete her social media account?