MTV Cuts Ties With Teen Mom/The Challenge Star Taylor Selfridge

Past tweets from MTV's Taylor Selfridge have come to light again causing an outcry from fans. Although Taylor has addressed these tweets even on the show and made her peace with co-star Cheyenne Floyd who was especially angered by them, MTV has decided to part ways with Taylor who had her own birth special airing. 

MTV told People "MTV pulled Teen Mom OG At Home: Cory & Taylor’s Baby Special from its Tuesday schedule and is ending our relationship with Taylor Selfridge in light of her past racist statements on social media. MTV strongly condemns systematic racism and stands with those raising their voices against injustice."

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Taylor has responded to MTV's move saying "I made the decision last week to not film the next season of Teen Mom OG with Cory for the benefits of myself and my daughter." She added "Once again, I apologize for anyone I have hurt or offended in the past. I have addressed my mistakes many times on the network and I would like to move on and continue to be the best version of myself. My past does not define who I am today and I hope you guys can see the change.

Taylor's baby daddy Cory's baby momma and Teen Mom co-star Cheyenne Floyd, a major Black Lives Matter activist has posted supportive comments to Taylor.

'MTV Challenge' Stars Taylor Selfridge And Dee Nguyen Face Repercussions For Racist Tweets.

MTV's The Challenge Cuts Ties With Star Dee Nguyen

The Challenges Dee Nguyen is also under fire for her insensitive tweets following the Black Lives Matter marches and has checked into a mental health facility. She has been living with friend and co-star Wes Bergmann who has since asked her to leave his home and has given her assistance in securing lodging and a place in the mental health facility. He has said on Twitter "What Dee said was absurd, insensitive & wrong. But most of all, it was ignorant," and that he attempted to "educate her on her mistakes." 

She has since posted on Instagram saying "I believe in this movement and I'm stepping away from social media to focus on my well being and mental health. This is not a goodbye, it's a I will see you again." MTV has announced it is also cutting ties with Dee in their online statement "As a result of Dee Nguyen’s offensive comments on the Black Lives Matter movement, we have severed ties with her."