In the history of NCIS, viewers have said goodbye to many characters, including "Tony DiNozzo," who was played by Michael Weatherly.

His exit was certainly one of the saddest. But a mysterious post on the actor's Twitter account now raises questions. Is he hinting at a comeback?

NCIS: Is Michael Weatherly coming back in season 19?

In 2003, Weatherly first appeared on NCIS as "Tony." For 13 seasons, he shined in his popular role until finally leaving in 2016. Now, there appears to be reason to hope for a return.

After a recent Twitter post, Weatherly's fans are certain. The actor actually shared a picture of "Tony" next to "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo), who is handcuffed at a table. The photo was from the 200th NCIS episode, which aired in 2012.

Weatherly wrote about the throwback: "Let's just say… they ended up in Paris. Anyone think that's a possibility? (BTW, filming this scene for ep 200 of #NCIS was one of my favorite moments)."

Fans stormed the comment section with hopes about a "Tony" and "Ziva" comeback. "I would so love to see a Tiva reunion," wrote one commenter.

Another says: "Gosh, how I miss them. I wish he had something for the TIVA Fandom. A picture, a letter, a special episode... we need closure."

NCIS season 19 is now three episodes in, but we haven't had a surprise "Tony" appearance just yet. "Ziva" has also been away since season 17, after a brief comeback.

Weatherly currently stars in the CBS show Bull, which is doing quite well. But he sure has been posting a lot about NCIS lately. It's a rather unusual trend considering he isn't on the show, so we'd say to stay tuned for more this season...