It would probably be THE highlight of the 17th season of NCIS: Since it has been confirmed that Coté de Pablo (39, "Ziva David") will be part of the upcoming episodes in the fall, fans also dream of a return of Michael Weatherly (51).

After all, the two protagonists "Ziva David" and "Tony DiNozzo" were inseparable on the show and became absolute fan favorites over the years. Which made them leaving the show even more excruciating for fans some years ago. But how likely is a comeback of the lovers now?

Will "Ziva" and "Tony DiNozzo" be reunited again?

What is certain is that after Coté de Pablo's comeback, nothing seems impossible when it comes to the storyline on NCIS. Fans were positively shocked when "Ziva" came back in the finale of season 16 and since her love story with "Tony" ended tragically in 2013, many fans are hoping that that their might be a revival for those two!

For now, it all depends how much screen time and focus Coté de Pablo will get in the upcoming 16th season.

NCIS: "Ziva" could only have a guest role in season 16

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Coté de Pablo will take on a leading role in NCIS again. "Deadline" quotes producers Frank Cardea (71) and Steven D. Binder (47), who confirmed in a statement that "Ziva" will have a guest appearance at the season premiere.

Moreover, Coté de Pablo's work on the new crime series "MIA" indicates that she currently has no time for a leading role in "Navy CIS".

For the new show MIA, Coté de Pablo is actually celebrating a reunion with Michael Weatherly since they are producing the new series together. Since 2016 Weatherly, also plays the leading role in the series Bull, which was recently renewed for another season.

So it seems that the fans have to give up a "Ziva" and "Tony" on the popuilar show and settle for the solo return of Coté de Pablo on NCIS.

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