All NCIS fans who tuned into CBS last night to watch the new episode of the popular crime procedural with Mark Harmon and Wilmer Valderrama were disappointed. Instead of airing episode 17 of the 17th season, the network hosted the 10th Democratic Debate during the traditional NCIS timeslot at 8pm.

Fans will have to be patient. The next episode of NCIS airs on March 10th 2020.

Frustrated NCIS fans are venting on social media

Understandably, the NCIS fans were NOT happy at all and took to social media to give vent to their anger. One fan wrote on Twitter: "No [NCIS] tonight. Yes, tonight is important I only wish it was on last night instead of tonight. I am going to watch last week's episode again tonight." See some more reactions below.

Another disappointed fan did not hold back on Twitter: "Now I'm really p*****… No NCIS tonight." To add insult to injury, the new episode of NCIS will not be airing next week either!

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NCIS Season 17 episode 17: Fans will have to wait!

As it turns out, all fans will have to be quite patient until they get to see the new NCIS episode called "In A Nutshell". Next week, CBS will air a rerun of an old episode and the 17th episode of season 17 will (finally!) air on Tuesday, March 10 2020.