After the holiday hiatus from some of our favourite shows, fans everywhere (especially NCIS fans) were looking forward to getting back on track with the regular viewing schedule. However, CBS decided that the regular schedule wasn't going to last for long and replaced the NCIS Tuesday night time slot with reality series Celebrity Big Brother, season 2. As you can imagine, this did not bode well for fans of one of the longest running television dramas.

Mark Harmon as Gibbs in NCIS

NCIS Fans Express Outrage On Twitter

NCIS fans took to twitter expressing their disgust with CBS and the reality show that replaced their beloved show. The most recent episode of NCIS aired on January 8th and left audiences' with a multitude of loose ends and questions that they were hoping to get answers to. None of those secrets got explored thanks to CBS airing Celebrity Big Brother, only adding fuel to the fire amongst fans.

Next NCIS Episode Set to Air February 5th

As of right now, CBS is not planning on airing reality series Celebrity Big Brother next Tuesday, however it doesn't mean the crime-drama will be back. The next episode of NCIS is set to air on February 5th. Our fingers are crossed it stays that way.