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Will 'NCIS: Hawaii' Crossover With 'NCIS' and 'LA' Series This Season?

Will NCIS: Hawaii Crossover With NCIS and LA Series This Season?

NCIS: Hawaii will premiere next month, and fans are all asking the same question: Will the new series crossover with NCIS or NCIS: L.A.? So far, nothing is confirmed, but a series producer hinted at what to expect in a new interview this week. Here's what we know.

It's nearly time for NCIS: Hawaii to make its debut.

The new NCIS series premieres next month on CBS, and many fans are curious if the show will crossover with the main NCIS series and NCIS: L.A. Here's what we know so far.

NCIS: Hawaii: Crossovers with NCIS, LA in season 1?

With shows like NCIS, it's common for spin-offs to premiere through a backdoor pilot — where the new series and characters are introduced in an episode of the main show.

Originally, NCIS: Hawaii was not expected to have a backdoor pilot with NCIS. And that still appears to be true, although the two series will premiere back-to-back on Sept. 20.

This week, series executive producer Christopher Silber also spoke to TVLine about how NCIS: Hawaii could relate to the other two shows. He said:

"We live in the same universe, but every one of them were spin-offs." Silber added: "We don't make any connection to the other shows."

Silber's remarks would appear to confirm that we shouldn't expect a major crossover with NCISL.A., or even the now-cancelled New Orleans right out of the gate in season 1.

NCIS: Hawaii season 1 premiere date: Sept. 20, 2021

Despite Silber's new comments, TVLine did note that the producers are still "open to crossovers." In an earlier interview, the same producer had even said: "We are happy for all crossovers. It's fun."

As of now, there are no cast crossovers confirmed, but a backdoor pilot and cameos still appear to be possibilities and could be a well-kept secret ahead of NCIS: Hawaii season 1.

NCIS: Hawaii will premiere after NCIS on CBS Mondays beginning on Sept. 20. Vanessa Lachey leads the new NCIS team as Special Agent In Charge "Jane Tennant."

Eric Christian Olsen and Daniella Ruah have also previously spoken about possibly appearing on NCIS: Hawaii, and you can click here to read their comments.