It will be a whole new NCIS experience in season 19.

This week, there was an update on "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon and his role come next season on NCIS. We knew he would have a reduced presence in season 19, but TVLine now says Harmon could appear in far fewer episodes than was first thought.

NCIS: Is That It For Mark Harmon As "Gibbs"?

By the sound of it, "Gibbs" could only be seen a few times in NCIS season 19. It would be a major change for the series, as Harmon has been the face of the NCIS team since the series premiered in 2003.

NCIS: Is That It For Mark Harmon As "Gibbs"?

Watch the video above for the full update on Mark Harmon in NCIS season 19. The show will return this fall on CBS after an explosive finale, which could lead to "Gibbs" exiting for good.