"Ziva David" and "Tony DiNozzo" have not been seen together on NCIS for a good five years. The characters were played by Coté de Pablo and Michael Weatherly. But they remain one of the show's most popular couples to this day.

According to the series, the two are now living with their daughter in Paris, but a few astute viewers of the show doubt that really is the case.

Short-lived series comeback of NCIS' "Tony" and "Ziva"

Michael Weatherly hasn't been part of NCIS since season 13. In season 17 actress Coté de Pablo celebrated a short NCIS comeback. During her appearance, viewers learned that "Ziva" had not, as suspected, died in an explosion a few years earlier.

'NCIS' Producers Talk Possible Return Of "Ziva" and "Tony".

After her brief appearance in season 17, "Ziva" said she would be returning to Paris to live with her soulmate, "Tony" and their daughter. However, fans doubt that "Tony" is really in Paris. Nothing has one hundred percent been confirmed. 

A fan wrote about this on Reddit: "Plot hole; wasn't dinozzo banned from entering France? How did he go to Paris after they banned him from entering in season 11." 

Another NCIS fan wrote on the platform that he thought "Tony's" comment on his entry ban to France was a joke. However, this was never confirmed in the series.

We are looking forward to the new episode titled "The First Day" airing on February 9th, 2021 on CBS. 

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