In the fourth episode of season 11, a sensitive topic is brought back up: "Kensi" (Daniela Ruah, 35) and "Deeks" (Eric Christian Olsen, 42) are forced to talk about their further family planning. "Kensi" is late and worries about being pregnant.

While the couple solves a case, she can't keep it a secret any longer: She admits to "Deeks" that she is late, but she hasn't taken a pregnancy test yet. "It's probably nothing," she concludes, not talking about children for the rest of the case.

In the end it turns out: "Kensi" is not pregnant! Nevertheless, the topic is not off the table - and the two talk about their plans for the future. "Avoiding the issue because we're afraid is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Because we don't work with fear, right? We work with honesty," says "Kensi" to "Deeks."

NCIS: L.A.: Does "Kensi" want a baby after all?

We don't get to see the end of their conversation, but a baby seems no longer impossible. In seasons seven and nine, the topic already came up. At that point, "Kensi" was not sure whether she would like to have children.

NCIS: L.A. Season 11: Has "Kensi" changed her mind?

"Deeks," on the other hand, has always been a family man. Has "Kensi" possibly changed her mind and could THE couple eventually have a baby? Even if the pregnancy was a false alarm, the couple is still talking about family planning.

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