NCIS: L.A. season 11 was cut short due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but fans will finally see the team and Special Agent "Hetty Lange" (Linda Hunt) once again in just a few days. Season 12 premieres on CBS on Sunday, Nov. 8. Here's what to expect.

NCIS: LA season 12: Will we see a "Callen" marriage proposal?

Showrunner R. Scott Gemmill previously revealed that the upcoming NCIS: L.A. season is set in a world where the pandemic has already ended. This is why "Anna" (Bar Paly), the friend of "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell), will take a job volunteering to support people hit hard by the pandemic.

"That job takes her away from Los Angeles, and during that time Callen really realizes how much he misses her — to the point where he decides maybe it's time for him to, you know, make things between them 'permanent,'" Gemmill told TVLine in a new interview.

"NCIS: L.A." - "Callen" 

"Callen" could even go to "Arkady" (Vyto Ruginis), the father of "Anna," and ask for his blessing. But will he actually get engaged to his girlfriend? 

In addition, the NCIS: L.A. showrunner teased other storylines for the new episodes.

NCIS: Los Angeles: Is "Nell" returning for good?

Toward the end of season 11, "Nell" (Renee Felice Smith) told the team that she no longer wanted to work as an agent. Before she gave notice, "Nell" was persuaded by "Hetty" to take vacation days and only then to make a decision.

As previously confirmed, the season 12 premiere follows the NCIS: L.A. team after a Russian bomber is lost while flying over U.S. soil. "Sam" and "Callen" have to track it down in the desert, while "Hetty" embarks on a little adventure herself.

Renée Felice Smith plays NCIS: L.A. "Nell Jones"

"Hetty calls in and asks Nell [...] if she would be so kind as to just sort of 'run point.' Nell, being the person she is, agrees to it because she thinks Hetty's in a jam," the NCIS: L.A. showrunner revealed.

"Nell figures she's doing Hetty a solid by staying there, and then the team just finally says, 'Nell, do you really think this is just Hetty on vacation...? Or do you think that this is Hetty's way of letting you realize you can do the job without any of the pressure?'" Gemmill added.

NCIS: L.A. season 12 premieres on CBS on Nov. 8th, followed by a later undetermined date for worldwide viewers. In recent weeks, we've also seen a preview of the return of "Hetty" and star Daniela Ruah tease a special holiday episode in the new season.

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