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What would NCIS: L.A. be like without the help of "Hetty"? In our opinion, without her highly amusing comments, the show just wouldn't be the same! If we take a look back at actress Linda Hunt's past, she went through some rough times to get to where she is now... For more on this amazing actress, make sure to check out the video

Linda Hunt has played "Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange" since season 1

Special Agent "Henrietta 'Hetty' Lange" is a fan favorite from NCIS: Los Angeles. this somewhat secretive character is played by no other than Linda Hunt. Let's take a look at what you as true NCIS fans need to know about this lovely actress.

"Hetty" first starred in a movie in 1980

Lydia Susanna Hunter began her career in theater. She made her film debut back in 1980 in the movie 'Popeye' alongside Robin Williams. Only two years later, Linda Hunt achieved something that had never been done before! She won an Oscar for playing the role of a man In the movie "The Year of Living Dangerously", playing the role of an Asian-Australian photographer "Billy Kwan". Everybody who ever doubted her, including her parents, were left in awe. Her parents were never really supportive of her decision to become an actress. In an interview with "The Daily Beast", she explained how her parents attempted to convince her to become a teacher Nevertheless, she was positive that she would get her breakthrough at some point. Turns out she was right!

NCIS: Los Angeles: Linda Hunt today

Today, Linda Hunt stars in one of the most popular crime series on TV. In 2018, the 10 season of NCIS: Los Angeles aired in the U.S.. Sadly, throughout the entire series, Linda was nowhere to be seen This Oscar winner got into a car accident a few months before the season premiere. She needed some time to recover Luckily, at "Kensi" and "Deek's" big wedding, Linda Hunt was able to make a final appearance for the show's season finale Her partner of several years has always been supportive of her goals She has been married to psychotherapist Karen Klein since 2008

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