The tenth season of NCIS: Los Angeles really surprised us when we saw "Deeks" and "Kensi" getting married, and one of the most special moments of it was seeing "Hetty" attending the big wedding! Linda Hunt, the 74-year-old actress who plays the role of the Operations Manager for the Office of Special Projects (OSP), had a car accident a couple of months ago and she needed some time to recover, but it seems that she is finally back and we can't wait to see if she is actually making an official comeback!

Linda Hunt at the PaleyFest 2015 NCIS: Los Angeles Fall Premiere in Beverly Hills, California

More secrets about "Hetty" will be revealed in the upcoming season

After Linda Hunt was involved in a multi-car accident, which ocurred when she attempted to make a left-hand turn in Los Angeles, "Hetty's" storyline had to be modified. In the tenth season of the show, following the events of the team's off-the-books mission in Mexico, "Hetty" calls a retired US Navy Admiral named "Hollace Kilbride" to help assist in rescuing them and later disappears leaving everyone wondering where she is. Later on she contacts "Callen" and tells him that she will be absent for some time, and she finally returns for "Deeks" and "Kensi's" wedding.

But now it seems that Linda Hunt is officially back after taking most of a year off from the series. According to showrunner R. Scott Gemmill, NCIS: LA fans will get a closer look at "Hetty" in an upcoming episode which "focuses on some of 'Hetty’s' backstory." But that's not all! Eric Chistian Olsen, the 42-year-old actor who portrays "Deeks" is actually writing the script and we are sure that he will surprise us with a very exciting plotline. The upcoming season is set to premiere on September 29th 2019!