Because of the coronavirus, the shooting of the 18th season of NCIS had to be interrupted, but the actors of the series have continued with production since September. All fans can also look forward to old and new faces.

Victoria Gabrielle Platt joins NCIS

In addition to the fan-favorites "Gibbs", "Torres" and "Sloane", a new agent will also stir up the team: "Veronica 'Ronnie' Tyler" will soon have to deal with difficult cases and new colleagues, as a thumbnail from CBS shows. On it, you see "Veronica", who together with "Torres", tries to save a man's life.

The new agent will be played by New York actress Victoria Gabrielle Platt (47). She was born in Queens on November 21, 1972, and is also a singer and producer. She has already posted pictures on Instagram that show her on the NCIS set.

NCIS: Victoria Gabrielle Platt is no stranger

Victoria Gabrielle Platt started acting in high school - she is now known for various films and series such as Four of Hearts, Winchell and Flip the Script.

What exactly is behind her role in NCIS is not yet known. Fans have to be patient a little longer. What is certain, however, is that the new season will finally bring clarity on "Gibbs" and "Sloane's" relationship and we will enjoy two leaps back in time.

From November, Victoria Gabrielle Platt will be seen in the US as "Veronica Tyler" in the 18th season of NCIS.