Last night we had an epic two-episode airing of NCIS and now we finally got some answers we have been waiting for. Why in the world would "Gibbs" shoot "McGee"?

NCIS Episode Recap

The NCIS crew were able to pose undercover to intercept a major opioid drug ring that ended up having "Bishop" being taken hostage by the drug ring head "Merriweather." He only agreed to let her go by giving him "Vladimir" in return. Little does he know, "Vladimir" the confidant is already dead. 

We were left shaken back in November when we watched in an intense flash forward of "Gibbs" (who is a well known skilled sniper!) shoot "McGee"! This is where the episode picks back up. "McGee" posed as FBI agent "Fornell" to do a trade but because his comms were cut off he did not know that he was heading into a trap. "Gibbs" knew that the plane "McGee" was heading towards was set to explode and there was only one way to stop him in time!


"Gibbs" fired warning shots but brave "McGee" assumed they were from the bad guys and kept going which forced "Gibbs" to shoot "McGee" non-fatally in the arm and leg! Luckily, "McGee" did not go down in the explosion and "Bishop" fought her way into freedom.

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"Gibbs" felt incredibly guilty because he accidentally hit a femoral artery when he shot "McGee" so he was in surgery but still in danger. While apologizing and trying to explain himself to "Delilah" while at the hospital, she stopped him and said, "You saved Tim's life."

Luckily, super bad guy "Merriweather" was easy to hunt down because he stayed in town for his daughter's birthday. "Merriweather" had an awful plan to target thousands of officers with his lethal pills so thank goodness the gang was on the case. And thank goodness "McGee" is alive!

We'll have to wait until next week to see if he is okay, considering he was shot twice! 

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