• Does NCIS have a new power couple?
  • "Jimmy Palmer" and "Jessica Knight" like each other
  • At a wedding, the two got along well

Very few fans of NCIS would have expected this. Two surprising characters are growing close.

In the latest episode from March 14, "Jessica Knight" (Katrina Law) was invited to a wedding. In search of a plus-one, she asks her colleagues until "Jimmy Palmer" (Brian Dietzen) takes up the offer. He excitedly agrees and they go together.

NCIS: There's a spark between "Palmer" and "Knight"

What is particularly striking: The NCIS agents are very fond of each other. Sparks seem to fly, especially when they see one another in fancy outfits. And their NCIS colleagues certainly noticed the chemistry between "Knight" and "Palmer."

A surprise romance wouldn't be so far-fetched. "Jimmy" lost his wife "Breena" (Michelle Pierce) a few months ago and confronted her death in a recent episode. Now he wants to move forward and get on with his life — and that includes a new relationship.

Also interesting:

A tough agent, "Jessica" would be exactly the right counterpart to the warm-hearted "Jimmy," whose daughter "Victoria" recently made an appearance. "Jessica Knight" joined the NCIS team last season.

We'll have to see if a romance gets going on NCIS. The series returns on Monday, March 21.