Michael Weatherly

Is "Tony's" return to the series being kept secret?

'NCIS' Creators Talk About A Possible Michael Weatherly Comeback

Into the Light, the second episode of NCIS season 17 premiered this Tuesday and it definitely surprised us! After showing the team's investigation into a series of terrorist attacks related to "Sahar" (Mouzam Makkar) the woman who threatened to murder "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) and "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo), the team finds out that "Ziva" made a deal with "Sahar" and was actually working with her and providing information to secure her freedom and eventually reunite with her family. But "Sahar" betrays her and orders her dead, while "Ziva" reveals that she had already notified authorities to assure "Sahar's" friends, and explains that she did not betray the team but was only deceiving the terrorist. 

This is why "Ziva" leaves town again. Will she return?

The big moment of the most recent episode happened just at the end of it when "Ziva" is getting ready to head out to continue the investigation that at some point caused her to be presumed dead for half a decade, but before doing so, she meets "Gibbs" who apologies for not trying to find her after her "death"; then she says she needs to complete her mission on her own and leaves town once again.

We were really excited about having "Ziva" back and we were finally getting used to see her on screen again... but what did just happen? Is she coming back after episode 2? NCIS fans are certainly worried about "Ziva's" storyline being done, but good news is that a couple weeks ago Cote de Pablo announced that she will actually appear in more episodes of season 17, and we really hope that's true! 

We still have to find out if something will happen with her character and Michael Weatherly's "Tony," and the only way of getting answers is by staying tuned every Tuesday!