Now we know for sure: The 17th season of NCIS is going to be VERY exciting! After much speculation about the return of "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo), who reappeared in an amazing twist in the finale of the 16th season, the audience finally gets answers. The first trailer for the new episodes was released by TVLine on YouTube.

NCIS: The first trailer promises an amazing premiere episode

In the trailer, "Ziva" is still standing in "Gibbs'" (Mark Harmon) basement, when the two are suddenly attacked and have to flee. On the run, "Ziva" finally reveals why the two are in danger.

"There's a woman, her name is Sahar. She wants me dead, and now she's after you," explains the agent. However, the identity of "Sahar" is still a mystery. Not only "Gibbs", also the rest of the team has to help "Ziva" in the fight against the mysterious woman.

For "Ziva" it's about more than just her life:We also learn that she has been separated from her daughter and tries everything to be with her again. But first, she has to defeat "Sahar".

NCIS: Who knew about "Ziva's" secret?

Naturally, "Ziva's" return is a shock to the other characters. But not everyone is that happy about it - "McGee" (Sean Murray) is angry that "Ziva" didn't tell him anything: "I had a right to know. She was a sister to me."

Only person one seems to be completely unfazed by "Ziva's" return to NCIS: "Gibbs" himself. Did he know the agent wasn't dead and kept her secret from his team?

All fans will soon find out, because on September 24th, the new season premieres on CBS!

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