The dream of all NCIS fans came true in the last episode of the season when Coté de Pablo (39) returned in the role of "Ziva David" for THE season 16 finale. It had long been speculated whether the rumors of a comeback could be true. Now fans of the series ask themselves how long "Ziva" will remain part of the show.

Coté de Pablo's return to NCIS

In the last episode of season 16, "Special Agent Ziva David" appeared in the basement of her former boss "Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs" (Mark Harmon, 67) and warned him of imminent dangers. The head of the NCIS team was holding his breath - as were probably the TV viewers.

But after the initial leaps of joy over Coté de Pablo's return, NCIS fans were disappointed that "Ziva" would return as a guest. It was speculated that "Ziva" would stay with NCIS for two episodes. But now the plan changed and we will be able to enjoy her on our favorite show a bit longer.

NCIS: "Ziva David" returns for four episodes

As ET Online reports, Coté de Pablo will return to NCIS for four episodes. Two of the episodes will be broadcast right at the beginning of the 17th season to follow up the events of the past episodes. The remaining two will probably air in the fall or early winter.

Only very few crew and cast members knew of Coté de Pablo's return. The actors were tricked and had no ideas their former co-star was coming back. The producers wanted to prevent any information from leaking before the episode aired.

Coté de Pablo: The actress in her favorite role

From the third to the beginning of the eleventh season, the beautiful "Ziva David" starred in the successful CBS show. For almost nine years, she worked with her co-stars Mark Harmon, Sean Murray (41) and Michael Weatherly (51).

The latter played "Anthony 'Tony' DiNozzo". The two NCIS superstars Michael Weatherly and Coté de Pablo already celebrated their reunion during the production of another series.

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