Shooting and production for the 18th season of NCIS finally resumed after a corona-related postponement. With this, fans and viewers alike hope that they will soon learn how all the characters' open storylines continue.  

Fans have been asking for several seasons, whether something is going on between "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) and "Sloane" (Maria Bello). "Jack Sloane" joined NCIS in season 15 and as the team's forensic psychologist. The tension between her and her colleague "Gibbs" can be clearly seen and felt.  

NCIS: "Sloane" (Maria Bello) talks to "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon)

Is it the end for "Sloane" and "Gibbs" in NCIS?

"Gibbs", however, does not really believe in entering into romantic relationships with colleagues and advises others against doing so. Does he end up breaking his own principles? It doesn't look like a happy ending, after all, it is planned that Maria Bello will leave the show.  

Showrunner Frank Cardea comments on Maria Bello's exit and the relationship between her character and "Gibbs": "When we’re trying to figure out how to exit a character, one thing we always ask is: ‘What does that character deserve?' And the character of Sloane is a very strong character, and a passionate character, so we’re going to really have her go on something worthy of that," he revealed to TVLine

It is expected that we won't be seeing a grand romance between "Sloane" and "Gibbs" because there just simply isn't enough time with Maria Bello's exit. 

NCIS delves into "Gibbs'" past with new episodes

There will be more revelations about "Gibbs'" story in the new season of NCIS. The show will travel back in time for the start of the season - at the beginning of the 17th season to be precise.  

"Gibbs" disappeared without a trace for an episode and reappeared with a black eye. The new episodes should finally clear up what happened. Since the NCIS season 18 premiere was postponed due to the corona pandemic, it is still unclear when exactly it will continue. So far, only November has been announced as the planned start date for the USA. 

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