Season 18, episode 11 of NCIS was quite the wild ride! Not only was the team punished, but "Gibbs" also gets help from a surprising new character!

NCIS Season 18 Episode 11 "Gut Punch" Recap

We left off episode 10 when "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) was punished for attacking the man killing innocent dogs. In trying to protect "Gibbs", the team all lied when "Gibbs" asked them to tell the truth. Now they are facing punishment too.

"Gibbs" was suspended and demoted his entire team! "McGee" (Sean Murray), "Torres" (Wilmer Valderamma),  and "Bishop" (Emily Wickersham) are usually "the cool kids" but were replaced by the NCIS night shift team! On top of that, "Vance" (Rocky Carroll) reassigned them to be on COVID compliance duty! 

"Vance" shocked them when he explained, "The three of you are going to be our new health compliance officers. I trust you can handle this assignment without further embarrassing me, the agency, or yourselves in any way?"

The team was devastated until talking with "Palmer" who lost his wife to the virus mentioned how important being careful is. Respected "Ronnie Tyler" and irritating and rude frat boy "Sawyer" took over their cases while "McGee" tried to follow "Vance's" orders and of course, "Bishop and Torres" did not.

The original trio continued to investigate their current murder case a few steps behind "Ronnie and Sawyer" but quickly helped solve the case by following their guts on evidence the others had ignored. Luckily, they gracefully let the new team take the credit for the big solve.

Meanwhile, "Gibbs" was approached by reporter "Marcie Warren" (Pam Dawber, Harmon's wife) snooping for the truth behind his suspension! At first he tried to snub her but her determination and their common old world style reeled him in. He gave her an interview after she properly named the carburetor he was working on!

"Vance" warned "Gibbs" that "Whatever comes of this story, whatever happens next Gibbs. I can't save you." "Gibbs" simply responded with "I know," leaving fans hoping the public sympathizes with "Gibbs" for taking justice into his own hands against the animal abuser "Stana."

Mark Harmon's wife Pam Dawber is signed on to play "Marcie" for a full four episodes so it seems as if her time with "Gibbs" is just getting started! Their on-screen chemistry is incredible and we cannot wait to see more!

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