We left off last week when "Gibbs" was forced to shoot "McGee" not once but twice in order to stop him from heading to a plane that was rigged to explode! Luckily he survived but it was a very close call considering "Gibbs" hit an artery.

NCIS: Season 18 Episode 6 Recap

In last night's episode of NCIS called "1mm," "McGee" was still recovering from his gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, for "Bishop and Torres" that meant they were left to do the work "McGee" usually does!

Both "McGee" and "Gibbs" were having trouble processing what happened, with "McGee" not enjoying being off of work (and still working from home anyway) and "Gibbs" feeling flustered after having shot his own team member. 


Adding to the tension was "Torres and Bishop" being unable to articulate their feelings for each other while they are repeatedly in situations where it is just the two of them. They were even locked in an old sheriff's office jail cells!

"Gibbs" ended up being on his own for a while when the very people (the "Duncan brothers") the team was hunting had taken "Bishop and Torres" hostage. "McGee" desperately wanted to come back to work and cut his rest short but "Gibbs" still felt guilty and did his best to rely on other team members which really did not help. 

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Finally, while literally locked together "Bishop and Torres" were able to address why "Torres" has been over-protective and hovering over "Bishop" since she was kidnapped. It was too much for "Bishop" to the point of "Torres" admitting he even has her coffee first so she doesn't burn her tongue! 

Unfortunately, the "Duncan" brothers had explosives-rigged around the cells that "Bishop" triggered when she was able to escape from her cell. So she was forced to stand on the pressure trigger for hours until the "Duncan" brother came back. 

Luckily for everyone, "McGee" was able to help "Gibbs" track them down and help navigate him in time over the phone. "Gibbs" was able to arrest "Jesse Duncan" and call a bomb squad. "McGee" cleared the air by telling "Gibbs" he didn't blame him for shooting him in the arm and leg because instead of being dead he'll just have to "live harder" just like "Torres had told him before.

We'll have to wait and see if "Bishop and Torres" will end up together or if we will have to keep the tension in classic "Tony and Ziva" fashion! For now, the team is finally back together and in one piece (albeit with a few bullet holes).

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