New path for "Gibbs"...?

New 'NCIS' Trailer Reveals "Gibbs" Could Lose His Job For Good

New NCIS Trailer Reveals "Gibbs" Could Lose His Job For Good

NCIS fans have long been worried about the fate of "Gibbs" in the series. At first, we were concerned he could even be leaving this season, but this won't be the end for him just yet. Still, the new preview for the next episode is teasing drama for "Gibbs" and his future with NCIS. Is he really losing his job?

With just four episodes to go, NCIS season 18 is in the homestretch. 

Fans had grown concerned that it could be the final season for Mark Harmon, but the good news came recently: "Gibbs" will be back for season 19. His role in the new season, however, remains unclear — and a trailer for the upcoming episode raises some questions. Is "Gibbs" now finally losing his job?

Warning: Season 18 spoilers follow!

NCIS season 18: Is "Gibbs" risking his job again?

In the last few NCIS episodes, viewers had to watch "Gibbs" battle through adversity. After he attacked an animal abuser, he was suspended, and fans feared that the plot could lead to his exit from the series.

After his suspension, "Gibbs" is finding his way back in life away from NCIS. But eventually he grows restless and speaks to the journalist "Marcie" (played by Harmon's wife Pam Dawber) about an article on his suspension.

But the interview is not everything, because the reporter also wants to know his opinion on another case she's working on. In the new trailer, "Gibbs" is even seen in court testifying against a financial advisor who allegedly stole millions of dollars from Navy members.

"If you do this, there's no looking back. Your career at NCIS could very well be over," warns "Leon Vance" before "Gibbs" steps up. But "Gibbs" seems very sure of his cause: "That's a chance I'll have to take," he says. Could this be the beginning of a new path for "Gibbs," his NCIS career, and possibly even dictate his future on the series?

Fans can find out it will go down for "Gibbs" when Episode 13 airs next week on May 4. You can also get a recap of this week's episode "Sangre" here.