Surprise 'NCIS' Comeback: Does This Mean A Return For "Ziva"?

NCIS Season 18: Is "Ziva" Making A Comeback?
April 27, 2021 - 17:40 / Lucas Anderson

NCIS season 18 is bringing back a former cast member with connections to "Ziva." Could this also mean a return for the popular agent played by Cote de Pablo? Here's what we know about the upcoming reunion episode, which will air on May 11. (Mild spoilers follow!)

In NCIS season 18 episode 14, "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) will celebrate a reunion with a very special person: "Phineas" (Jack Fisher). The episode is still a few weeks away, airing on May 11, but a CBS promo revealed the upcoming reunion this week.

"Phineas" was at the centre of the drama last season after "Gibbs" was forced to kill the boy's mother "Sahar." That plot was in turn closely linked to "Ziva" (Cote de Pablo). Could this mean another return for "Ziva" too?

NCIS: "Phineas" returns — is "Ziva" coming back too?

NCIS fans should be happy about the reunion of "Phineas" and "Gibbs." The two had a very special connection as "Gibbs" was a kind of mentor for "Phineas." In season 17, however, the young neighbour was seen for the last time — until now. 

The preview for the new season 18 episode titled "Unseen Improvements" promises much drama, too. NCIS is seen tracking down a stolen laptop, which leads them to the uncle of a little boy who turns out to be "Phineas."

It is therefore possible that the uncle has connections to the boy's mother "Sahar," who had been targeting "Ziva" during her comeback in season 17. So could it be that the former agent will also be returning to NCIS?

"Ziva" was last seen in the middle of season 17 and, this season, the producers said they were "always open" to another comeback if the right story presented itself.

After the arrest of "Gibbs," it's also looking like he'll soon be back in an active investigation. Two NCIS episodes will air before "Phineas" returns on May 11, including one tonight and one on May 4. You can also get a recap of the most recent episode here.