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'NCIS': New Update On Mark Harmon's Future With The Series

NCIS: New Update On Mark Harmon's Future With The Series

There's a new update on Mark Harmon's status heading into NCIS season 19. In a new interview today, CBS's president spoke about the "Gibbs" actor, who has been with NCIS since season 1. Here's the latest on Harmon's future with the series.

Change is coming for NCIS, but Mark Harmon is along for the ride — at least for now.

Today, CBS announced that for the first time ever, NCIS will move to a new day and time slot next season (details below). Network president Kelly Kahl spoke to Deadline on the news, which also came with an update on Mark Harmon's future with the series.

NCIS season 19 news: Mark Harmon "Gibbs" update

Since last month, we've known the "Gibbs" actor will be back for the next NCIS season, just like he has been every year since the series premiered in 2003.

But there was word that Harmon, 69, could have a reduced role in season 19, and it now sounds as if that will likely be the case, based on the network boss's comments.

Today, Kahl told Deadline they still don't know how many season 19 episodes Harmon will appear in. But, he added, "We take it year by year with Mark, we'd love to have him as long as he'd like to be here."

NCIS season 19: Update on "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon

The CBS president reminded fans that things slowed down for "Gibbs" a little bit in season 18, a trend that could continue moving forward.

"Even in this past season, [Harmon] might have been light in a couple of [episodes], so we're happy to work around his schedule," Kahl said.

NCIS: New time slot, release date on CBS in 2021-2022

The Mark Harmon update came as CBS today unveiled its TV schedule for next season. One of the bigger surprises was NCIS moving to Monday nights at 9 p.m. followed by the new NCIS: Hawai'i series at 10 p.m.

Only one episode now remains in NCIS season 18 after episode 15 aired on Tuesday night. "Torres" actor Wilmer Valderrama recently promised it would be an "explosive" and "emotional" finale, so we'll see how that plays out for "Gibbs."

Tune in for the season finale next week on Tuesday, May 25.