Some NCIS exits left us deeply saddened. But we should never give up hope!. After the surprising comeback of Coté de Pablo's (39) character "Ziva" in the season finale, it's quite possible that some other stars could return to the popular series.

NCIS: Could "Abby" make a comeback?

Pauley Perrette (50), AKA "Abby Sciuto", was THE NCIS fan favorite for such a long time. But in October 2017, after 15 seasons, the actress announced she would be leaving the show. Her character was shot and left the city. Since then, fans have been hoping that "Abby" could come back to NCIS.

But via Twitter, Pauley Perrette completely ruled out a comeback in June 2019. And her former co-star Mark Harmon (67), against whom she makes serious accusations, seems the be the reason for that. Perrette says she is "terrified" of Harmon and his dog, which the actor regularly brings to the set. So we will have to do without an "Abby" comeback.

NCIS: Season 17 premiere date with "Ziva" announced

Meanwhile, some more information has come to light about the season 17 episodes featuring "Ziva". What exactly happened and why she was declared dead will probably be revealed to fans in the 17th season. The premiere date for this season has now been announced by CBS: The first episode of the new NCIS season will premiere on September 24.