Episode 3 of NCIS season 18 is promising big-time drama. The episode titled "Blood and Treasure" will see "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) and his team led on a "treasure hunt" after a disturbing discovery of several dead bodies. However, CBS will not air the adventure on Tuesday next week.

NCIS sets new air date for season 18 episode 3

The next NCIS episode won't air until Dec. 8, two weeks after this past week's episode. Express reports that the delay is believed to have roots in new production protocols associated with filming amid the pandemic.

Shoots will likely take longer than usual due to safety and hygiene requirements. Plus, the new season is still being shot while it's already airing season 18 episodes at the same time.

NCIS: 400th anniversary episode featured special guests

This week, fans saw NCIS air its anniversary episode, accomplishing an impressive 400th entry in the 18-season series. The episode, "Everything Starts Somewhere," took fans back to the first meeting of "Gibbs" and "Ducky" — only the young "Gibbs" was played by Sean Harmon (Mark Harmon's son) and young "Ducky" by actor Adam Campbell.

Viewers still await answers to why "Gibbs" shot his team member "McGee" in the season premiere, as well. It remains to be seen if episode 3, airing on Dec. 8, will reveal the answer. For more, see Mark Harmon talk his son's acting in episode 400 here.

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