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If you are a big NCIS fan you are probably very familiar with all of the characters and used to see them together on screen, but you probably didn't even imagine that one of them actually turned down a role on the show a couple of years ago!

During an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" Canada, Maria Bello, one of the main NCIS stars was asked if she ever thought about working on a television production like NCISand fans were really surprised after learning that she actually didn't see herself as part of the series in the beginning. 

Maria Bello changed her mind - thanks to her son

"When NCIS was offered to me, I was with my son in the car. I immediately said, ‘no.’ I had never even watched it. I hadn’t watched procedurals, that sort of thing," revealed Bello, before explaining that her son was actually someone the one who encouraged her to accept the role.

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"My son was in the car, and he goes, ‘Mom, why wouldn’t you do that show? That’s like a great show.’ And I started watching it, and I started hearing about it, and I started talking to people, and I went, ‘Yeah.’ And then when I met Mark Harmon and the producers Frank and George I was like, ‘What? Yes, I’m doing this.’, the actress said.

We're really glad to hear that she actually changed her mind! Would NCIS be the same without "Jacqueline 'Jack' Sloane"? Probably not! 

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