It still hasn't been a full month since Ozark season 3 was added to Netflix on March 27. Over that time, Netflix's true crime docuseries, Tiger King, dominated the news and social media channels.

But now, a new Nielsen TV ratings report says that the premiere of Ozark season 3 actually far outperformed Tiger King, which had hit the platform on March 20.

'Ozark' Season 3: Watch The Trailer Here

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Netflix's Ozark season 3: Just how popular was it?

But it wasn't only Tiger King that Ozark bettered. The viewing numbers of the show's third season premiere nearly tripled those of its own first or second season premiere dates.

According to Variety, Ozark "scored an average minute audience of 975,000 U.S. viewers on its release day (March 27)."

So, in other words, nearly 1 million people were watching Ozark season 3 in the United States alone during every minute of its premiere day of March 27. Variety ranks that number far higher than debuts for recent seasons of other popular Netflix series such as Orange Is the New Black and Mindhunter.

'Ozark' Season 3 Netflix official poster. "They are all in."

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Ozark Season 3 - Watch the Trailer Here

Ozark season 4: Is this good news for the show's future?

All of this has to be great news for fans of Ozark. In a recent interview, Jason Bateman spoke about the possibility of a season 4 and beyond. He emphasized that numbers such as these impact whether or not Netflix renews its shows.

In fact, Ozark's viewing numbers continued to climb in days two and three to over 1.5 million viewers per minute. Tiger King, by comparison, peaked at 1.3 million in its third day.

We're still awaiting an announcement on the renewal of Ozark for season 4, but this news of its glowing success on Netflix late last month should all but guarantee more Ozark (and hopefully in the near future)! Let's hope that comes to fruition.