• NCIS season 19 is currently airing on CBS 
  • Star Wilmer Valderrama previewed the new episode
  • By the look of it, a new agent will join the team

NCIS season 19 is finally back. After a new episode this week, a trailer for the next episode teases reinforcements for the team. Star Wilmer Valderrama posted a first look at the episode on Instagram. It airs this Monday, March 7.

NCIS: "Kayla Vance" wants to start as an agent 

In the trailer, "Leon Vance" (Rocky Carroll) and "Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama) discuss the NCIS director's daughter. "Kayla Vance" (Naomi Grace) has passed her FLETC training and hopes to start as an agent.

Her father "Vance" wants to put "Torres" on the case, which the agent is not happy about. The reason? The two are supposed to investigate a boring case so that "Kayla" doesn't get into any danger.

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But knowing NCIS, this will definitely turn out to be a bigger deal, and "Kayla" will have to prove her mettle. If all goes well, "Vance's" daughter could even join NCIS as a permanent addition to the team.

After all, the agents could use some help and the fans would also be happy to have another strong woman on the team. They lost "Bishop" and "Sloane" in recent seasons.

Also, "Torres" and "Kayla" could grow close on the case, which would make for some interesting storylines. Viewers are familiar with "Kayla" from past guest appearances, so they would quickly get used to the new team member.

We'll find out on Monday if "Vance's" daughter actually joins the NCIS team.