NCIS is making big changes heading into season 19.

This week, the bombshell news came that "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon will have a very small role next season on NCIS. Add in the exit of "Bishop" actress Emily Wickersham, and the series needed to recruit some new stars — and they've now done just that.

New NCIS Cast Is Official: Here's What to Expect

NCIS has confirmed two new stars who are joining season 19 in major roles. Actors Gary Cole and Jessica Knight will be full-time cast members, making up for the loss of "Bishop" and the absence of "Gibbs."

New NCIS Cast Is Official: Here's What To Expect

Watch the video above for a breakdown of the NCIS season 19 cast, from the new agents to the latest news on "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon.

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