Beloved Stranger Things cast member David Harbour returns in the new trailer for the show's 4th season! His character, "Hopper," is the star of the special teaser Netflix released today for Valentine's Day.

Watch the new preview below!

Stranger Things 4 and "Hopper" return in new trailer

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Stranger Things season 3 cliffhanger addressed in the trailer

Fans of the popular Netflix series are buzzing about "Hopper's" reappearance in the new teaser. In the brief clip, he's seen with a shaved head labouring in what looks to be a Russian prison.

The fate of "Hopper" was uncertain heading into Stranger Things season 4. This new trailer allows fans to breathe a sigh of relief!

David Harbour speaks during Netflix's "Stranger Things" Q&A Pacific Design Center in 2020.

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Where are Millie Bobby Brown's "Eleven," Finn Wolfhard, and the other cast members?

Although the first look at Stranger Things season 4 only features Harbour's "Hopper," viewers can rest assured they'll see all their favourites return to the show later this year. 

Millie Bobby Brown and Gaten Matarazzo, who plays "Dustin," have discussed the production of the show's 4th season. They reportedly wrapped up filming in Lithuania, and are returning to complete shooting in Atlanta.

Watch for the new season of Stranger Things on Netflix sometime later this year! The popular science fiction series returns for its 4th season on Netflix.

Finn Wolfhard attends the premiere screening of 'The Turning' in January 2020.