Ooops: 'NCIS' Fans Notice A Big Mistake With "Ziva"

Cote de Pablo's character "Ziva" makes THIS mistake on NCIS!
March 12, 2020 - 14:25 / Cynthia Springer

When Coté de Pablo's character, "Ziva" made a comeback to NCIS this past fall, it surprised both viewers and Coté herself. Now that she's returned for a few episodes, fans are following every detail of her character... check out what they found out on a recent episode of NCIS in the video above!

We having been anticipating the return of "Ziva" for AGES. Now that she's returned, fans are speculating her very closely, from what she says to even what she eats. See what was discovered about "Ziva" in the video above! 

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NCIS fans notice a big mistake with "Ziva"  

Coté de Pablo as "Ziva David" on NCIS