THIS Is Our Favorite 'Gilmore Girls' Christmas Episode

There is one particular 'Gilmore Girls' Christmas episode that is our favorite
December 16, 2020 - 17:10 / Laura Pérez

If you are a true Gilmore Girls fan you probably remember this episode very well! And if you're not... it's never too late to start watching this amazing series! FInd out what our favourite Christmas themed Gilmore Girls episode is... 

It was very difficult for us to decide which Gilmore Girls Christmas episode is our favorite; let's not forget the fact that the series ran for a total of 153 episodes! Now that we know the answer to our question we want to share with you all the details about it. Let's go back to season 2 of the show... Does "The Bracebridge Dinner" sound familiar?

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel in Gilmore Girls

Why is this our favorite Gilmore Girls Christmas episode?

Apart from the fact that we always LOVE to see the fabulous Lauren Graham as "Lorelai" and Alexis Bledel as "Rory," this particular episode is simply special because it invokes Christmas in a very subtle way.

In fact, the episode does not revolve around Christmas, but rather it shows the holiday spirit with a light touch. "Lorelai" for instance, refers to the snow and twinkle lights saying that everything's always different and magical during this time of the year!

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Lauren Graham in Gilmore Girls, season 2, 2001

It's a lovely Winter day for the "Gilmore Girls" in Stars Hollow 

Last but not least... "The Bracebridge Dinner" episode shows how "Lorelai" and "Rory" join the citizens of Stars Hollow in a snowman building competition during a lovely Winter day. They are pretty sure their snowman is gonna lose the competition, and as much as we believe you probably know what happens, we don't want to spoil the mystery in case you haven't watched this episode!

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