Jason Bateman stars in Ozark, which launched its third season on Netflix in March 2020. The actor also produces the series and has directed multiple episodes in all three seasons.

He recently opened up to Collider about the future of the popular crime series - which received its best reviews to date for season 3.

Ozark season 3 got rave reviews on Netflix

Ozark season 3 was added to Netflix on March 27, 2020. The show hasn't yet been renewed for season 4, but Bateman says that's the normal procedure for how Netflix manages its shows.

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"There is not an official pickup for Season 4," he said. "We're all operating under the hope it will happen. It's Netflix's norm to wait for a show to premiere and collect the data for weeks 2, 3, and 4, and see if there's an audience there to justify an additional season. So, I guess we’re in that period right now."

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Ozark cast: Jason Bateman, Laura Linney, Julia Garner star in the series

But Bateman did say that the show's creators have envisioned at least "three seasons, four seasons, five seasons, something like that."

"I'm not sure where and when it'll end, but [...] it doesn't feel like it's a 12-season show," he explained. 

Bateman expressed concern about "jumping the shark," so enjoy Ozark while it lasts! It may already be at least halfway through its run. Fans should look for news of the show's renewal in the coming weeks!